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Steve Loe

Awards Founder, Managing Director, Precedent Productions

From their creation in 1999, the Australian Small Business Champion Awards has become the most prestigious and comprehensive program that recognises small businesses throughout the nation.

The Awards seek to acknowledge the hard work that business owners contribute to the local community in generating employment for millions of Australians, as well as their contribution to the Australian economy.

The Australian Small Business Champion Awards is the pinnacle of business success. They recognise the values associated with successful small businesses. These values include service, commitment, leadership, endurance, courage, innovation, performance, persuasion and generosity.

I would like to thank our sponsors and encourage you, who own and manage Australian small businesses, to be part of this exciting awards program and celebrate your achievements.

Stacey Head

2017 Small Business Champion Entrepreneur

I was extremely honoured and humbled to be named 2017 Australian Small Business Champion Entrepreneur. As a busy small business owner, it is easy to overlook achievements but entering the awards allows you to assess growth, performance and success and also to recognise goals achieved both personally and professionally. This award garnered much attention from existing clientele and potential new customers and recognised my company, she wear, as an innovator in a market generally ruled by large multi-national businesses.

The award is a great motivator and is not just about me personally.. it's about my hard working and dedicated team, recognising female role models in non-traditional industries and about creating a brand ethos for empowering and encouraging women to smash glass ceilings. We all feel, the team and I, that this award is a springboard to taking she wear to greater future success and we all would like to thank Steve and the Precedent Productions team for this opportunity.

Sam Lindsay

2017 Young Small Business Champion Entrepreneur

Being named the 2017 Australian Small Business Champion Young Entrepreneur was a huge highlight of my young business career. Our team at Urban Studios places a lot of emphasis on company culture, processes and scalability, and celebrating milestones along the way; and this award is the embodiment of all our hard work.

Well done to the other applicants who were nominated, you all have amazing businesses and hopefully they can be recognised next year. Thanks to Precedent Productions for putting on these amazing awards, can't wait to attend next year.

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