Frequent Questions

How does it work?

Businesses are invited to submit an entry based on the Awards Criteria.

After all entries have been considered, the national finalists are advised of their success by mail. National finalists will compete with businesses in their category across Australia and the winners announced at the national gala presentation evening.

How do I know if I am eligible to enter?

The awards are open to all small businesses in Australia within the retail, service and manufacturing industries.
There are no restrictions. You can be home based or an owner operator as long as the following eligibility is met.

Retail or Service Businesses with 40 employees or less*
Manufacturing Businesses with 100 employees or less*

* Eligibility is based on the number of equivalent full-time positions within the business.(80 staff who work half a week each, is equal to 40 full time positions).

Why should I enter the Awards?

Research shows the two main reasons for entering the awards are it provides a business opportunity and a personal challenge. Other reasons to enter;

  • The awards can be used as a formal business planning process, allowing review for what you do best and what needs attention.
  • Opportunity to benchmark your business against other businesses within the same industry.
  • A chance for industry and peer recognition of the business.
  • Reward your staff for all their efforts.
  • Becoming a finalist or winner can increase staff morale and development.
  • Credibility amongst customers and the general community from being a finalist or winner of an award program.
  • The awards provide exposure for the business including media.
  • An entitlement to be recognised as a champion within small business.

How do I enter the Awards?

Award Entries may be completed online here.

Entries must be completed in accordance with the terms and conditions and received by the closing date to be considered as an award entrant.

Is there a limit in answering the Awards Criteria?

Yes. Each criteria answer has a word limit. The aim of the entry is to provide judges with an understanding of your business that best reflects your passion and dedication. Responses should be clear and precise and can include supporting material.

Can I get assistance in completing the Awards Criteria?

Yes. Click Here to view the helpful hints.

Can I mail or email my entry?

No. Entries will not be accepted by mail or email.

What is the closing date for entries?

All entries close on Thursday, 15th February 2024.

What happens after I enter?

Judges representing a variety of industries will shortlist all entrants into National Finalists for each category.
After all entries have been considered, the national finalists are invited to the National Gala Presentation Evening.

Will all entries become finalists?

No. Judges will decide on the content of the entry and can eliminate entries based on areas such as an incomplete entry form, inability to meet the awards criteria or unsuitable eligibility requirements.

How do I know if I have been selected as a finalist?

All Finalists will receive notification in a Finalist Kit. The kits will be distributed by mail. All national finalists will be published on the awards website.

What do I receive if I become a national award winner?

At the presentation evening winners will be presented with a Champion Statuette and a winner's kit containing a certificate and a media package for their achievement. In addition, they will receive recognition as being one of Australia's Champion small businesses and will be highlighted through targeted press releases to the media.

Who judges the entries?

Representatives from a variety of industries and associations who have experience or an understanding of small business are involved in the judging of all entries.

What are the businesses judged on?

Judging is based on the Awards Criteria answers and supporting documentation included in the entry.

How do I enter the Entrepreneur Award?

To enter the Entrepreneur Award categories, you must address the Awards Criteria questions AND the Entrepreneur Awards Criteria questions.

Can I enter both Entrepreneur categories?

No. Only one Entrepreneur category can be entered per business. If you are 30 years of age and under you are eligible for the Young Entrepreneur category and if you are 31 years of age and above, you are eligible for the Entrepreneur category.

Who judges the Entrepreneur entries?

Selected representatives from a variety of industries and associations judge the entrepreneur entries.

What do I receive if I become a national Entrepreneur Award winner?

At the national presentation evening both Champion Entrepreneur Award category winners will be presented with a Champion Statuette and a winner's kit containing a certificate for their achievement.

They will also receive the title and recognition as being either the Australian Small Business Champion Entrepreneur or the Australian Young Small Business Champion Entrepreneur and will be highlighted through targeted press releases to the media.

Do I need to be affiliated with an awards sponsor to enter?

No, this will not affect the judging process.

How do I purchase tickets to the National Presentation Evening?

Tickets may be purchased by completing the Ticket Booking Form in your Finalist Kit, or by telephoning Precedent Productions on 02 8363 3333.

How do I receive the purchased tickets?

Tickets will be posted to you prior to the presentation evening.

Who should I bring to the presentation evening?

Bring staff members and use the evening as a thank you and celebration. Bring suppliers because, like your staff, you need them to operate. Bring your family, as they are your support through the good times and bad.

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